We build solutions that have purpose and meaning

We exist to develop astute progressive solutions through innovations that impact and affect the lives of people for the better.

About Us

Founded in 2015 Myafricamedia is a technology group that invests and develops businesses and solutions that range across multiple industries also our mission is in the power of innovation where we look for opportunities that address massive societal needs in all markets across the continent and the globe and where there is high growth potential.

We believe in working with entrepreneurs and businesses that have an ambition to scale in global markets, Our operating model is uniquely based on partnerships and the investment of solutions and companies that create high impact and high market penetration innovations that has growth across industries that make use of technology.

Our Segments & Investments

We set out to connect business and clients through innovative solutions and create the best solutions that can impact the continent and the globe, while bridging the gap we focused on an entirely changing how consumers relate and interact with any business or organisations, we want to innovate how Education, farming, banking, communication, Transportation and trade are being done with the most flexible processes and stable solutions.

  • 01 Commerce

    The ecommerce business focuses on an enablement marketplace that connects millions of people across the globe with a focus at enabling businesses to grow and prosper, the marketplace attracts millions of buyers and sellers on the marketplace with a from over 20 countries, our marketplace myafricaconnect has the best platform that drives entrepreneurs to engage and connect with millions of clients.

  • Our team continues to find opportunities that have high growth potential and we work and partner with innovative entrepreneurs that have disruptive solutions that can scale quickly, we strategise and offer support with the best industry experts in building future industries and technological advances that can change the face of the continent and the world, we strategise and do extensive research on design and development of high impact solutions, the Myafrica team provides expertise to the ventures and partnering companies that we are invested in.

  • In the pursuit of innovative solutions myafricaconnect Holdings has a set focus on the development of solutions that are disruptive with the use of artificial intelligence and the primary focus is that we develop solutions that are smart for the user and clients, and can enable clients to efficiently do their activities with smart technology.

  • As Myafricamedia we are in a unique position of providing and implementing processes for the government with end to end integrated centralised solutions, in order to elevate the government’s target to service the broader public with efficient services, we also provide health and education related solutions.


Our specialties & expertise

Software Development
System Intergration
UX/UI Design
Brand development


Digital Businesses

We digitise businesses by taking them on a journey of empowering them with technological solutions that makes them competitive across any industry.

Future Oriented Businesses

The organisation offers Cloud computing, collaborative solutions, Mobile solutions, security, and development hardware integrated solutions.

Corporate and Social Development

With the advancement in technological advances and looking at the African continent more precisely we develop flexible solutions through our Corporate Social Investment programmes.

Solutions Development

One of our core functions is to develop innovative software solutions that that can be effectively used across a number of industries, we offer specialised business consulting and enterprise resource planning.

Business Architecture

Our teams offer processes and capabilities that enable Business strategies to drive the objectives of organisational structures through the best practices, and with core architectural concepts of Innovation in the world.

Enterprise Architecture

Key to designing world class solutions is to offer centralised systems that are aligned with the primary business objectives.

Hardware Integrated Solutions

We offers solutions that can be implemented directly on the client’s hardware solutions.


The organisation believes in sustainable solutions that can be also impact economies locally and globally


This is some f the work we have done in the past, we offer more than what you see below.

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